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The top 3 reasons Asphalt Contractors CHEAT!!!

Money, Time, Inexperience

Asphalt paving and repairs are very expensive in nature and that is why we go to such extreme lengths to protect your asphalt investment.

Here where the money comes in. Take into account diesel prices, labor and the asphalt repair products themselves. One word expensive.

Proper asphalt repair equipment is needing constant repair and maintenance.  When a paver breaks a auger motor and needs to be replaced. Contractors have few choices. I mean it’s not like they can run it down to the local jiffy lube.   Having a paving business means having the proper employee’s employed to cover frequent repairs like this.  The thing about that is, those guys are premium dollars.  This is where companies run into inexperience problems.

Asphalt repair is all about time. Once the mix is in the hole or on the ground, someone needs to compact it while the paving crew moves on. In fact if you count up the number of guys on a  paving crew it is like 5-6 maybe more and this is not including the truck drivers!  Now for asphalt driveway repairs and asphalt crack sealing repair, we only need a fraction of those employees.

In many cases that I have seen, the asphalt driveway owner can simply go down to Home Depot and pick up a bag of cold mix and do the driveway repair themselves.  As we talked about earlier, commercial jobs are totally different. While the investment is less, the time is the same.  This is the time part.

Feel free to check out our asphalt repair pictures in our gallery here.

We look forward to serving your asphalt repair needs in 2014.